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Christopher Carithers
Autobiography of a Thief
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On “Bullet to the Brain,” the first single from his debut album Autobiography of a Thief, Christopher Carithers sings “Excuse me officer, kill your lights / I ain’t slowing down tonight.” The imagery conjures more than the desperation of a suspicious protagonist (although it does that quite well too): it speaks to the album’s very nature. Because even during its ballads & gentler numbers, Autobiography of a Thief glides along effortlessly like a ghost train through the coal fields of eastern Pennsylvania where Carithers finds inspiration. 
Album opener “The Spokes of the Collapse” is a fever dream smoldering in strong acoustic downstrokes and dark harmonics. The sound of crickets chirping beneath starry skies beautifully underscores the tender “Lullaby,” while “Do Unto Others” introduces some of the album’s most elegantly abrasive lines: “There ain’t a heart that your brain couldn’t kill / you laugh like a spider bite.” 
Wailing harmonicas accent slide guitars and bright acoustics throughout, as Christopher invokes Steinbeck & Sallinger, Workingman’s Dead & Bob Dylan’s enigmatic “John Wesley Harding.” These songs walk us past painted porches & familiar faces, and pause us beside rusting bridges. The buoyant, fingerpicked instrumental “Isabella” closes the album with a celebration of newborn life. It’s a fitting climax for an album filled with stories of experience & possibility.




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Partnering with Crotalus Records!

Chris is proud to announce a partnership with Crotalus Records, an independent label specializing in Folk, Roots, Americana, and Folk Punk bands! Check out the Crotalus Records catalogue at https://crotalusrecords.com/




Fellow Travelers on WYLN TV35’s Pennsylvania Pipeline Music Television!

click the preview to view:

Thanks to Jeff Pittinger & WYLN TV35!





Check out Chris’ appearance on WBRE’s PA Live!

Chris recently visited WBRE studios for 2 solo acoustic performances on PA Live… click to watch:






Christopher Carithers & Fellow Travelers on WYLN35’s Pennsylvania Pipeline Music Televisionpapipelogo

Here is a preview of our upcoming appearance on WYLN TV 35– Keep an eye out for us on Pennsylvania Pipeline Music Television (schedule available at http://www.wylntv.com/)!






Indian Dreams– The “Ramedio And The Strangers: Martina’s Exchange” soundtrack.

I was honored this year to be asked to collaborate with author J.C. Menapace, as well as with the Swamp Bottom Blues Band, in the creation of a soundtrack for “Ramedio And The Strangers: Martina’s Exchange.”

Read a review of “Ramedio And The Strangers: Martina’s Exchange,” at https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/jc-menapace/ramedio-and-the-strangers/


Ramedio And The Strangers

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Christopher Carithers & Unoriginal Sinners- live on WQSU!

trio on wqsu

Chris just appeared on WQSU Selinsgrove’s Homemade Jam with his acoustic trio, Original Sinners.

The trio features upright bassist Steve Belcher, a world class player and member of the Hickory Project (www.hickoryproject.com). Appearing on mandolin is Steve Catania (http://www.cataniafolkinstruments.com/), a well respected member of instrumental bands like central PA’s Little Paris Jazz Trio.

Special Thanks to Terri and Rand for having us! You can check out Homemade Jam over at www.wqsu.com.