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Indian Dreams– The “Ramedio And The Strangers: Martina’s Exchange” soundtrack.

I was honored this year to be asked to collaborate with author J.C. Menapace, as well as with the Swamp Bottom Blues Band, in the creation of a soundtrack for “Ramedio And The Strangers: Martina’s Exchange.”

Read a review of “Ramedio And The Strangers: Martina’s Exchange,” at https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/jc-menapace/ramedio-and-the-strangers/


Ramedio And The Strangers

Click here to check out Color Me Blue, by Carithers/Menapace!


Plugging in at the Gamble!

fellow travelers at the gamble mill





Fellow Travelers- live on WQSU!

trio on wqsu

Chris just appeared on WQSU Selinsgrove’s Homemade Jam with his acoustic trio, Fellow Travelers.

The trio features upright bassist Steve Belcher, a world class player and member of the Hickory Project (www.hickoryproject.com). Appearing on mandolin is Steve Catania (http://www.cataniafolkinstruments.com/), a well respected member of instrumental bands like central PA’s Little Paris Jazz Trio.

Special Thanks to Terri and Rand for having us! You can check out Homemade Jam over at www.wqsu.com, or stream the show here:

Click to hear Christopher Carithes and Fellow Travelers on WQSU!







Positively 4th Street–

Dylan’s birthday at Franco’s.

Christopher Carithers at The Gamble Mill

Had a great time with Doug McMinn Friday night at Franco’s Lounge , playing ALL DYLAN ALL NIGHT  in honor of Bob’s birthday. It’s great to hear a gifted guy like Doug re-invent awesome tunes as slide blues!

When did you discover Dylan? For me, it was Sept. ’93. My first concert… Bob Dylan and Santana! After a broken tie rod en route to Scranton, we talked the tow truck driver into a ride to Montage. Dylan played one of my future favorites that day, Every Grain of Sand.