About Chris

"The moon don't lie, and it's bright tonight. Darlin', look me in the eye and hold on tight..."
Coal towns, ghost towns, old men re-telling old stories— Christopher Carithers brings an old soul’s perspective to each of his songs. Each word has been lived and earned. Real stories from real people-- seasons of weakness, riddles in dreams, corner bars and fire halls, doctors, saints, and bombardiers… Christopher Carithers invokes Steinbeck & Salinger; walks us past painted porches and familiar faces; pauses beside rusting bridges. He lays us down beneath shooting stars. Chris, a rust-belt writer and self-taught guitarist, is a life-long lover of roots rock, modal jazz, and improvisational performance. A native of the coal fields of Eastern Pennsylvania, Chris brings the boom and bust of his own story into his music. The high school kid with a guitar discovering Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, learning harmony and pitch the way that only deciphering songs by ear can teach... the young man penning poems and short stories for the college journal, a record review or two for local papers… improvising in jam bands, paying dues… a brief stint as a pro guitarist, playing road trips to pay the rent… discovering the Dead and Dylan… reconnecting to family roots in bluegrass and folk to come full circle... a seasoned player putting down the electric guitar and unplugging the effects pedals. Chris now plays clubs, outdoor stages, breweries, and bars—anywhere you can let your hair down-- accompanying his lyrics on guitar. Chris also performs with a rotating line-up of fellow travelers, old friends on acoustic instruments such as the mandolin and string bass. His self-titled CD is an artifact of many journeys— rich with lullabies, waltzes, and prayers: the spirited “Wild Rose”, an invitation to take fate by the hand; “The Spokes of the Collapse,” a fever dream smoldering in dark harmonics; “Isabella,” a buoyant, finger-picked instrumental celebrating a newborn life; and “Tear Down the Wall of Sound”, reconciling a young mans heart with an adults reality. Some songs can only be written if they’re true-- someone somewhere has to live it. We’ve all weathered storms, and when you live a story it resonates. Check out Chris’s schedule here at www.christophercarithers.com or under the bandpage tab at www.facebook.com/c.r.carithers. Take home the wild rose. Climb into your thunderbird. Waltz down coal town streets. Lyrics are for living… Maybe Christopher Carithers will tell your story.